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3 Easy To Grow Plants For Beginners

I’m going to be really controversial here and say that plants... are good. Crazy, I know. But stick with me here: they help produce oxygen, they can be pretty to look at, and some of them smell really nice. Heck, some of them even grow food that you can eat. With your mouth. For free.

Okay, I’ll stop being a goofball (for now). In all seriousness, I love gardening. And I know lots of people would like to try their hand at it but are worried about, well, killing those poor little plants.

Maybe you’re looking at Ottawa homes for sale but you’re worried about how to grow a decent garden in a northern climate. Maybe you just got a new job as a truck driver and need to stick with plants that can survive on their own while you’re away. Or maybe you just don’t have much of a green thumb.

Whatever the case, here are four plants that are hearty, low-maintenance, and easy to grow.

Aloe Vera

Is the reason you struggle with gardening because you are, truth be told, a little clumsy? It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. If so, you probably end up with a fair amount of stings, cuts, and burns from time to time. In that case, boy, have I got a plant for you: aloe vera.

Aloe vera is the perfect plant for the accident-prone novice gardener, not only because it requires very little TLC, but also because its leaves contain a viscous gel that works as a healing balm for sears, scratches and similar skin-spoiling sores. In fact, aloe vera extract is often used in such commercial products as medicinal ointments, moisturizing creams, and, um, lubricants.

Thankfully, it’s healthful properties seem as much for its own benefit as for ours. Aloe vera plants are resistant to most insects and other pests. They also require very little water, typically thriving in well-drained, sandy soil. Just keep them somewhere sunny and warm, like your heart. Or a windowsill.

Spider Plant

Spider plant! Spider plant! Does whatever other plants can’t! Watch out, here comes the spider plant!

Ahem. Sorry, I’ll stop.

Joking aside, spider plants are the superheroes of the plant world (or as Swamp-Thing readers know it, “The Green”). It’s super powers include super air purification (a NASA study found it helps remove common air toxins), super adaptability (despite originally being a tropical species, it grows well just about anywhere, including indoors), and super stylishness (just like Chris Evans’ Captain America or Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, a spider plant looks great in your bedroom). The only thing it lacks is super speed. Because, y’know, plants don’t move.


When you absolutely, positively canNOT be trusted with the care of any living other than yourself, turn to our prickly pal, the cactus. If it can survive growing in Death Valley, it can certainly survive you.

There are many different varieties of cactus, like those of the echnopsis genus (known for their long, tubular shape and beautiful flowers) or those of mammillaria genus (known for their fat, round, pincushion-esque shape). One thing all cacti have in common is that they’re sturdy and dependable. They don’t require much fertilizer, sunlight, or even water; in fact, the most common cause of cactus death is overwatering.