Are You Cutting Your Grass Too Much

Do you like a nice green and well cut lawn? Don’t we all? so you may be asking yourself can I cut my lawn too much? The answer is yes you can cut your grass too much but that depends if your grass is about a estimate of maybe a inch tall. Then may I suggest that do don’t cut your grass yet. I recommend waiting until your grass is about 5 inches tall or sometimes but not always you get busy with other things and your grass gets about 8 inches high then I definitely recommend to cut the grass until it is about 1 inch in height. If you cut your lawn at 1 inch height you will eventually kill the grass and will have a brown lawn and then you will have to lay down more lawn seed. The best time to cut high grass is early in the morning or late in the evening about 7pm right before sunset. If you cut your grass in the middle of the day like 12pm for example on a hot summer day. The grass will be dry and when you cut dry grass it will eventually turn brown because of the soil being dry because of no rain fall.