Are Your Plants Getting Too Much Water

Do you have plants in pots? Do you water your plants and notice that your plants are turning brown and or maybe wilting? Then that might be the sign of you are watering your plants to much. Is your soil still damp? Is there water sitting on top of the soil? If you answered yes then the reason your plants are wilting and or turning brown is that your plants are getting to much water and drowning. To resolve this problem is to poke holes on the bottom of the pot if none. Holes on the bottom of the pot resolves the drowning problem if your plant has water on the surface of the soil. Tip to know when to water your plants is to place your finger in the soil and if the soil sticks to your finger then I suggest to wait a day to water your plants. If you place your finger in the soil and no soil sticks on your finger then I would recommend to water as soon a possible.