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Best Garden Fertilizer

Today The Garden Guy is going to help your plants grow big and healthy with recommending you withthe best fertilizer which is homemade fertilizer. The Main ingredients on making the fertilizer is a banana peel. Some people may or may not know that the banana peel has so much good nutritions that plants love. So to make your own banana fertilizer is a mason jar with a lid, a fresh banana peel is best and water. Place your banana peel inside the empty mason jar and add water and seal the lid on tightly. Then let your banana peel water fertilizer in the jar for about 3 to 4 days. Then when you are ready to use just dump the water fertilizer on your roots of your plants. All plants can use this fertilizer if you have a backyard garden you can dump the whole jar full of water fertilizer in the garden and then you can bury the banana peel in the garden bed.