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Fall Decoration Ideas

Fall is less then two weeks away and you might see thatthe stores are getting ready to place their fall decorations out. Today The Garden Guy is here to give you some fall decoration ideas to make your yard more fall festive. The first thing that probably comes to mind in the colors of red and orange. Now if you live in asmall apartment complex I understand you probably can not decorate a lot outside. I would like to suggest to maybe add a fall garland for your balcony or porch and it takes little effort to put up and to take down. Another idea is to buy pumpkins. Sometimes real pumpkins are hard to find until the end of the month so I willsuggest to buy artificial pumpkins that will last for years to come. You can even look into purchasing hay bails and place them where you please and place some pumpkins on top of the hay bails and maybe a scarecrow in the yard or porch to make a lovely fall scenery and catch people’s eyes when they drive and walk by. Now all these are just some ideas for anyone not sure what to decorate when fall comes around. I hope you enjoy and if you like to you can share with your friends and family who want some fall ideas too.