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How To Care For A Aloe Plant

Do you love tropical plants? Do you have a aloe plant? Do you want to purchase a aloe plant but not sure how to care for a aloe plant? If you said yes to all of those questions then The Garden Guy is going to teach you on caring for a aloe plant. The first thing about aloe plants isthat it does not like soggy soil like for example the soil is real soggy like a dripping sponge. When watering a aloe plant add just a little under one cup of water to the soil never let the water touch the leaves. If the water touches that leaves gently wipe off the water off of the leaves. If water sits on the leaves it will cause the leaves to rot and eventually the plant will completely die and you will most likely have to purchase a brand new aloe plant. The aloe plant is a warm climate plant that loves temperatures above 60 to 70 degrees so if you live in a climate that gets snow I would like to recommend to plant your aloe plant in a pot and not the ground. I would like to recommend to bring your aloe plant inside in the colder months. If you would leave the aloe plant outside in the cold most likely your aloe plant will get frost bitten and die.