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How To Care For A Bonsai Tree

Do you have a bonsai tree or maybe you are thinking about purchasing a bonsai tree? Are you wondering how to care for a bonsai tree? The first thing about the bonsai tree is that you can water the tree too much for example if you water your tree every day and you start to see your bonsai tree turning brown on the tips you are watering to much and it is stressing out the tree. So water the tree about every other day if you place it in full sun but if you place the tree in partial sun then water the tree about twice a week. If you are unsure if you should water the tree place your finger into the soil and if the soil sticks on your finger wait to water the tree. If no soil sticks to your finger water as soon as possible. Tip when your bonsai gets about a foot tall optionally trim your tree. If you don’t want to trim your tree and let it grow out and grow big that is completely fine as it will not hurt the tree. Some people trim the tree because they love to make the tree grow a certain shape.