How To Care For A Orchid Flower Plant

Are you a person that loves indoor plants? Do you want or have a new orchid flower plant? Are you unsure how to properly care for orchids? Then The Garden Guy is here to help you with all of those questions.Orchids can grow up to 4 feet tall if good taking care of. Orchids tell you when they need water by the roots on top of the surface of the soil in the planter. When the roots are white this means they are underwatered and need to be watered with about 1/4 cup of water. If the roots are brown this means you have watered to much. When the roots are green this means it has just a perfect amount of water and the plant is in healthy condition. Fun Fact Orchids flower inside your home all year around. Tip make to keep the room temperature above 65 and place the plant in partial sun for about 5 hours. I recommend never to place your orchid near any drafts.