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How To Grow And Care For A Cactus

Do you love tropical and or desert  plants? Are you new to a cactus plant? Are you not sure if your environment in your state is a good place to grow cactus plants? Well The Garden Guy is here to help you choose if you still want a cactus plant. The first thing to know about cactus plants is that you can plant them anywhere for example if you live in a warmer state like Arizona or maybe California and them states bordering them then a cactus can be planted directly into the ground but if you live on the opposite side of the United States then I would recommend to plant your cactus into a clay pot or something similar with good drainage and rich dark black potting soil. To care for a cactus plant is to give it very little water like a little under a cup of water as cactus love dry soil. If your cactus plant starts to get soft and mushy then you have watered way to often and to much. You should only water the cactus about once or twice every other week. This is a good plant for beginners and busy people who still love plants as a cactus has very little needs and can live without water up to one month.