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How To Grow Lucky Bamboo

Do you love your tropical plants to maybe make your porch look nice or maybe you like to have a tropical plant feel to your home all year around.Do you wanna know how to grow lucky bamboo? The best way to grow lucky bamboo is to go to your nearest garden center and look for lucky bamboo sometimes they have lucky bamboo and other times they don’t. If your local garden center does not have any lucky bamboo plants go online as most of the time they always have them. Now to care for lucky bamboo is that they love a lot of water and by that they love to sit in water. When you receive your lucky bamboo you need the following materials a 4 inch deep by 3 inch wide or about that size ceramic pot, glass  pebbles like the ones they use in fish tanks. Then place the bamboo plant in the ceramic pot and cover the roots with the glass pebbles until the bamboo plant stands on its own and fill the ceramic pot with water to the rim. Tip make sure to check on the bamboo plant every other day to refill the water but up in the ceramic pot.