How To Grow Morel Mushrooms

Do you like mushrooms like the ones bought at your local grocery store.? Well these mushrooms are edible yes but are found in the wild near the woods in damp places. Now I know what your thinking why would I go out to the woods to find mushrooms when I can go to the store to purchase some. Well that is true but The Garden Guy loves to help you save a little extra cash when I can with this helpful tip. The first thing about morel mushrooms is that you have to invest in a grow kit online like amazon or eBay whatever you prefer. Now to prep the garden bed before arrival of your grow kit is to get yourself a little bit of garden soil and compost as composts is optional but I will tell that mushrooms thrive on growing in compost because all the nutrients compost has. Then when the mushrooms arrive in the mail burry the sawdust if any with the mushrooms spores and cover. If you like you can place mulch over the garden soil to help with the dampness that mushrooms love. Then in about 1 to 2 springs you should see mushrooms pop up.