How To Grow Potatoes

Wanna save money on purchasing groceries?Are you a fan of French fries, and or potato soup? Then The Garden Guy is going to help you grow your own potatoes right in your backyard and you will never have to buy potatoes ever again? Now there are two ways to grow potatoes. One way is to go to the grocery store andlook at the sack of potatoes and look at the eyes on the potatoes and see if you noticed any green sprouts growing out of the potatoes if you do then they are good potatoes to start a potato garden. But if you don’t then you can go to your local garden center and look near the flower bulbs and vegetables seeds section and look for seed potatoes. If there are non in stock in store you can always go online. When you finally have your seed potatoes with green sprouts growing out of the potatoes.Then get your garden ready to plant your potatoes. Always plant your potatoes about 4 to 5 inches deep about 1 foot apart in lose soil I recommend garden soil. Never use soil with clay because that may cause problems with the growing process of the potatoes and the harvest. Lose garden soil helps with easy removal as potatoes grow under ground and you will have to dig them up in the fall. If you start potatoes in mid July you will be able to harvest by late August to early September.