How To Grow Tea

Are a tea drinker that spends money on 3 dollar tea bags to enjoy a cold or hot cup of tea? What if I tell you that I could save you money on tea bags and grow and harvest your own tea right in your back yard. The Garden Guy is here to explain how to grow tea and how to tell when it is ready to harvest.When you are ready to start growing tea may I suggest to purchase a tea plant at your local garden center or online that has leaves growing on the plant already. When you purchase a plant with leaves growing already that speeds up the harvest time.Wait until the temperature outside is above 65 degrees before you plant into the ground. How to tell when you tea is ready to harvest is by the flower buds on the top of the plant. I suggest to harvest right before the flower buds start to bloom if you wait to harvest your tea leaves after they bloom your tea will have a bitter taste to it. Now when you harvest the tea leaves the easiest way it to cut in right below the base of the plant. Next you have to do is hang your tea leaves outside in the sun for about 1 to 2 days or until the leaves turn brown. Then you  can crumble the leaves with your hands and store the leaves inside a air tight container.