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How To Harvest Vegetables

Do you have a vegetable garden? Are you not sure how to tell if your vegetables are ready to harvest? The Garden Guy is here to help you today I am going to tell you about three different vegetables and how to tell when they are ready to harvest. Vegetable number one is the tomato plant. The way to tell if your tomatoes are ready is wait until the green tomatoes turn bright red. If you see a green tomato about the size of a soft ball you can pick green tomatoes if you like green fried tomatoes. If you never had green fried tomatoes they taste like fried zucchini. Vegetable number two is the cucumbers how to tell when to harvest cucumbers depends on the variety like the pickling cucumbers for example which grow about the size of 5 inches long. When cucumbers are ready to harvest the have a dark green color like the color of the grass. All you have to do is to take a pair of scissors and cut the the cucumbers one inch above the stem. The third vegetable is the carrot. How to tell when carrots are ready for harvest is to wait until the leaves growing out of the ground is about 2 feet tall and brush some of the dirt around the base of the plant and if you ever purchased carrots in your local grocery store and look at the top of the carrot and that is how big your carrots should be before you harvest them from the garden.