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How To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden

Do you have problems with cats in and around the garden? Do the stray cats or the outside cats chew on your precious garden and or flower beds and kill your crops? I am here to help you with that problem and keep all the cats away from your garden and or flower beds to prevent this problem from ever happening again.The first thing I would like to suggest is to purchase plants that keep cats from chewing on your plants. The first plant is called cat grass. Cat grass is different from ordinary grass that grows in the yard. Cat grass is like wheat grass that cats can chew on and it helps them stay healthy. Like grass in your yard that could be harmful to cats the reason ordinary grass can be harmful is that it could have chemicals if you treat your grass every year and some bugs that live in the roots of your yard grass may be harmful to cats like for example a bug that was near a garbage can and snacks on the dropped from food that was left outside of the trash can. Then sometimes but not always cat grass can get boring to cats so to keep them even more distracted from chewing at your garden crops is to plant cat nip.Cat nip is healthy and keeps them entertained for hours on end and then they will eventually forget about your garden and automatically go to the cat nip and or cat grass and not even think about your garden and or flower beds ever again. You can find all of this cat friendly plants by looking in the garden section of your department store or if you don’t find them there head to the cat section and they sometimes sell seeds you can start on your own. If you prefer to purchase them online you can click the links below.