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How To Keep Rabbits Away From The Garden

Do you have a vegetable garden in your yard? Then all of the sudden you wake up the next morning and check on your crops and see bite marks or maybe even the whole plant gone? Do you ask yourself what happened to my crops?The answer of why your crops were destroyed is the common wild cotton tail rabbit got to your crops before you could even enjoy your harvest. Now there is a couple solutions to this problem from happening again. Solution one is to go to your local garden center and purchase marigolds. Rabbits hate marigolds because the bitter taste they have.To prevent rabbits from ever entering you garden beds is to plant a row of marigolds all around your garden bed where you have garden crops. Solution number two is to purchase rabbit repellent that is not harmful to rabbits or your garden crops  and this is usually in your garden center near the bug repellent and weed killer. Make sure not to get bug repellent and only rabbit repellent. The reason is that bug repellent spray usually kills plants instantly.