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How To Make Grass Greener

Do you like a greener lawn and or more lush lawn? Don’t know where to start on making your lawn more lush and green? I am here to help you with this the first you need to do is to get a lawn fertilizer there are two options for lawn fertilizer. Option one is to get it in a bag where you sprinkle it on the lawn and then wet the grass by letting it rain or with the garden hose.Option two is if you want to make it easier for yourself is lawn fertilizer that looks like a hose nozzle and you can attach the product to the end of the garden hose and spray the lawn with it. You can find all of these products at your local garden center. This option is optional but if you want to sprinkle some fine shifted compost with no clumps of unfinished compost materials and sprinkle just a little into the grass. Compost is a great nutritions material to help your plants.