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How To Prevent Weeds In The Garden Bed

Do you love to see nice and big lushes plants in the garden bed and now that your plants are getting big it may seem you are pulling so many weeds out of the garden bed. Do you ever ask yourself the question of how do I prevent weeds in the garden bed without using weed killer? Now there are a couple ways to help weeds from getting out of control and not having to pick weeds out of the garden beds some much. Option one is to get yourself weed barrier it kind of looks like trash bag material but in comes on a ten foot roll which usually can cost around twenty five dollars if you like to save money by going to the dollar store or your local department store and purchase trash bags for like one to five dollars depending on how big you want them. For example if you have a 5ft by 10ft garden bed may I suggest to you to purchase contractor bags but for just a small garden bed may I suggest kitchen trash can bags. Then lay the trash bags on the area of your garden bed and make sure to put holes in where you want to place the plants and place the plants in the hole and cover with dirt and then add mulch if you chose so.