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How To Start A Butterfly Garden

As spring is in the air and you start to see all the insects. Do you ever ask yourself how to I attract butterflies to my garden? I am going to answer that question as well as help you with some suggestions and ideas to attract all types of butterflies you could ever see in all colors. The first thing is to plant something that attracts butterflies like basically any bright colored flowers weather it be a perennial or a annual that is your choice. Now if you are like me you like to save time and money by purchasing a perennial plant that comes back bigger and full of blooms year after year without uprooting the plants and purchasing more the next year. So may I suggest to purchase a butterfly bush they come in so many colors and different sizes depending on your size of your yard. For example if you have a small yard may I suggest to purchase and dwarf variety butterfly bush that only gets about 3ft tall and about 2ft wide and if you have a big yard may I suggest to purchase a non dwarf butterfly bush they get about 5ft tall and about 4ft wide. Now plants that flower are not the only thing that attracts butterflies they sell feeders that are meant for butterflies only they look like a flower and you add sugar water to the feeder like you do when you place your hummingbird feeders out in the yard. You can easily find the butterfly feeders in your local garden center or if it easier go can go online and purchase one by clicking the link https://amzn.to/2zC1Z9s