How To Start A Flower Garden

The Garden guy is going to help you start your flower bulbs you purchased online or indoor or dug up last year. The first way to start your flower garden is the easy way by digging a trench in your garden bed wherever you may have it at make sure to make the trench about 2inches in depth and for (example) if you have twelve flower bulbs make sure the trench is about five feet long. The other way to start a flower garden for a small place is to purchase a flower pot with drainage holes on the bottom of the pot any size will do and take your flower bulbs of your choice and fill the flower pot full of your favorite garden soil and bury them about 1inch in depth. Make sure to water them just right like a damp sponge and water only if the soil is almost a sand like texture or by putting your index finger in the soil and if the soil sticks on your finger then your plants do not need watering