How To Start A Fruit And Vegetable Garden

We are going into April which means the trees will bud and the flowers will be blooming in the garden bed and the yard will have a lot of color. If you like to start a fruit and or vegetable garden now is the perfect time to start your seeds in your home or out in the greenhouse your choice. The first thing I will help you plant is your vegetable seeds there are to ways to get vegetable seeds option one is the cheap way by getting your produce from wherever you purchase it. Take your tomatoes for example the easy way to harvest your seeds is by picking out the seeds or by slicing the tomato with seeds and planting the slice and the ground when it is warm outside prefer in the 60 to 70 degrees weather or by picking the seeds out by hand and planting them. The other plant you can plant is my favorite is the strawberries to remove the seeds from a strawberry is by taking a fine mess strainer and mash the strawberry inside the strainer the seeds are on the outside of the strawberry. Then when you mashed the strawberry and all is left is the seeds in the strainer rinse the seeds off inside the strainer and dry with a dish cloth do not use a paper towel because when the seeds start to dry out in 7 days they will stick to the paper towel and will make it hard to remove. Then you can take your pot of soil and plant the seeds please note that you will not get strawberries to harvest until 3 years as the strawberry plant has to mature to get a good harvest as The Garden Guy says patience is the number one rule in gardening.