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How to Start Lucky Bamboo Plants From Cuttings

Do you have a lucky bamboo plant? Do you want to turn one plant into two or three bamboo plants? Then I am here to help you start a brand new plant from cuttings. The first you need to know is that you want to remove your cuttings after your lucky bamboo plant is about 4ft tall. When you are ready to cut the top of the bamboo is to cut it right where the shoot grew out of the top. Then take your bamboo cuttings and place them in a large vase or glass. In about 7 to 10 days you should start to see roots. Now you can grow lucky bamboo two ways. Option one is to grow them in water and rock in a ceramic pot. Option two is to get yourself a pot full of soil and place the rooted cuttings inside the soil. Tip: lucky bamboo in water and rocks is to always keep the water filled to the rim. If you have the lucky bamboo in the pot full of soil keep the soil moist. if it needs watered stick your finger in the soil and if no soil is on your finger I recommend to water asap.