Nice Yard Plants

The best time about this time of year is more daylight and putting plants into the ground. Today the garden guy is going to give you some ideas of what plants you can plant into the ground and or pots. Plant #1 is a evergreen there are two types of evergreens the first one is a pine tree and the second is the shrub or most known as the traditional bush that makes your yard look nice year around the good thing about evergreens is you can plant as soon as the ground is workable. Plant #2 is flowering type plants like the black eyed Susans which my black eyed Susans are just starting to come above the surface of the soil they are usually the first flowering plants to come up in the spring with the tulips. Plant # 3 is the trees like your maple, oak, apple, pears, and etc.... so I hope I helped you prepare your yard for the spring season and a beautiful looking yard that when people walk by they go wow like they do here at my house. To be honest I get a good happy feeling when I see people admire my yard.