The GreenHouse Effect

Are you a garden and or plant lover and maybe you want to know about how a greenhouse work and how the greenhouse helps your plants grow well I am about to tell you. The outer plastic of the greenhouse when in the sun on a warm or cool day the greenhouse collects the sunshine and turns the heat of the sun and stores it inside the greenhouse and when that happens that temperature stays about 50 to 90 degrees even in the late winter and early spring. If you live in a climate where the days stay in the high of 40s to 50s yes you can even grow plants in the greenhouse and if you like to keep the greenhouse up 365 days a year and use it to grow plants like lettuce in seed trays and pots because in the winter the greenhouse will still stay in the mid 50s just make sure you add extra protection like hay or grass clippings to add a extra protection to hold the heat in the winter.
 if you don’t have a greenhouse available at your local store or plant nursery you can purchase clicking the picture below