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The Life Cycle Of A Bluebird

The Bluebird is a light blue colored bird with a little light colored orange underneath the chest area and is about the size of a common sparrow. The bluebirds life cycle starts with a nest box they are really fond of nest boxes because they are inclosed and they feel  safe having eggs to hatch their young in.They have about 2 to 4 eggs a year and they can take about 21 days to fully hatch. If you don’t see a mother bird after you see the eggs in the nest in early spring don’t assume that the mother bird abandoned the nest. Sometimes the mother won’t stay in the area with the eggs in early spring because they weather is too cold to hatch. Then around mid June you will hear the baby birds in the nest. In about 2 to 3 weeks the baby birds will fly out of the nest and leave and start a family of their own. Quick Tip: wait until August to clean the feeder. Because sometimes but not always the mother bluebird will come back to hatch more eggs. They sometimes return to the same nesting area the upcoming year.