Watering Plants

Do you like to see your plants soil wet and not dry? Do you know there are times that you can water your plants and not a great time to water your plants. Today The Garden Guy is going to explain what I mean. The best time to water your plants is first thing in the morning if it needs it for example if the soil feels or looks wet on top wait until around 5 o clock in the evening. If your soil looks dry and not wet on top I recommend to water them. The worst time to water your plant is in the middle of the day when it is above the temperature of 80 to 90 degrees if you water the plants when the temperature is 80 degrees you will cook your plants when the water hits the plants leaves and root ball. Hot water is never good to water plants. Another worst time to water your plants is at night time when it is dark. When you water at night the water has no time to evaporate and plants hate sitting in water and eventually the plant will drown and die. Tip: if you want to get rid of weeds fast boil water in a pot over the stove then pour the boiling water over the weeds and the weeds will die.