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What Birds That Are Territorial

Now some birds love to fly and be in packs wherever they go. But there are a lot of different types of birds that are not pack friendly. The first non pack friendly bird is to common blue jay now blue jays will only be in a pack of two a male and a female. The only time blue jays will get territorial is when a cardinal is near by for example if you feed birds in the same area most likely you will see the cardinals and blue jays fight sometimes but rarely they will fight to the deathbecause of them being in there territory. Bird number two is the starlings now this can be confusing to some but when you see baby starlings fighting they are not fighting over the territory they are fighting because they are arguing over the bird feeder for food. Now when you see starlings fighting you will most likely see two adult starlings fighting over the feeder. They are basically telling the other bird to back off this is my feeder you need to go elsewhere. The last territorial bird is the hummingbird yes they will fight over the feeder most likely they are all adults because the baby hummingbirds will feed in the nest and the mother bird will bring the nectar to them. But adult hummingbirds have to be comfortable feeding together at the same feeder for example a bottle type feeder would only feed one male and one female at the same time. When you purchase multiple feeders in the same area like the back yard a lot of hummingbirds will feed at the same time because the feeders are not so close together.