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What Dogs Do Not Shed

Do you want to be a owner a new dog? Are you afraid of dog fur all over the place and inside your home?Then The Garden Guy is here to give you some ideas of what dog breeds do not shed or shed very little. The first dog breed I would like to recommend is a dog breed I am the owner of which is a mix of a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua. These dogs do not shed very much and if you want to maintain their fur to prevent any fur they do shed I will recommend to comb them at least once a week sometimes even less. In the summer all types of dogs do shed their winter fur in the warmer months like spring and summer that is completely normal. If you are not into hyper type dogs. You can look into just adopting a smaller and laid back type dog breed like a full blooded Chihuahua these dogs are very little active and their favorite things to do most of the time is sleep and cuddle next to you and play with their toys and eat. If you like to can walk them for about 10 to 20 minutes as chihuahuas get tired walking very easily as their legs are shorter than normal dogs and can not go very fast and very far.