What Kind Of Garden Crops Can My Dog Eat From The Garden

Are you are dog lover and have a dog of your own that you like to hang out with you in the back yard when you are gardening. Then you might think this article is helpful to you. Some people always ask me what can my dog eat from the garden that is not harmful to them.Now there are some things you want to watch out for when you are feeding your dog things from your garden. The tomato for example yes some dogs like eating tomatoes for one they are really good for their health. Like how you can not just live on just meat you have to have a balanced nutrition like a mix for vegetables when you eat chicken or maybe a steak.Before you feed your dog any vegetables and or fruits from the garden you have to make sure to wash them. You can not just pick the vegetables or fruits right from the garden and hand them to the dog. Make sure to wash the fruit and or vegetables in warm not hot water because of the bugs that are not seen with the naked eye. That could make the dog ill and remove all seeds.