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What Plants Can Grow In The Shade

Do you have mostly shade on your property and or yard are not sure if there are any plants that willgrow in shade? Then The Garden Guy is here to tell you yes there are plants that can grow in the shade. One of my favorite plants is theivy plant unfortunately you can not plant this directly into the ground for plant lovers that have a 20 to 30 degrees winter. You can grow this in a hanging basket in partly sunny location and requires very little water. When winter comes around you can bring your ivy plant inside and place in a partial shade location like a window without any drafts. Plant option two is a butterfly bush you can plant this plant directly into the ground and it will come up year after year. I recommend to add a layer ofmulch to the butterfly Bush to give the roots extra protection from the harsh cold winter days. This bush can grow in partial sun and still have blooms all spring and summer long.