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What To Do With Fall Leaves

When fall comes around do ever ask yourself what to do with my leave pile after raking up the leaves around the trees in the yard? Then The Garden Guy is here to give you some helpful ideas on what to do with those leaves. You can use the leaves as mulch for your perennial plants. May I suggest to run the lawn mower over the leaf pile if you use them for mulch. The reason is that if you have more than one plant you can get twice as more leaf mulch when you mow them over and make the leaf mulch more fine. When you use fine chopped leaves it adds extra protection to your plants in the colder months. Another option to get use out of your fallen leaves is to make leaf mold that will be perfect to start your seedlings in the spring. You can place all your leaves in a large black garbage bag occasionally water them in the garbage bag and then stop watering when winter comes. Then the bagged leaves will eventually break down into a potting soil type soil for you to use for whatever you want.