What To Seed In July

Are you just starting a garden or maybe weeding out a old garden bed? Then you get to ask yourself what can I plant in the month of July and you get to worry about if you are to late in the season to plant seeds into the ground. The Garden Guy is here to tell you not to worry it is never to late to start seeds in the garden in July. I am going to give you some plants you can start and have a beautiful garden weather it be a flower and or vegetable garden. The first plant you can seed into the garden is your watermelon as some people love a fresh watermelon after dinner. A watermelon plant grown from seed if planted by the first week of July would be ready to harvest by mid September to early October. The second plant is your marigolds that make your flower garden stand out in the late summer to late fall. July is the perfect month to grow marigolds as the marigolds are the most common flower that people purchase in the summer and fall months because as your other spring time flowers die for the year marigolds last until the colder weather hits the get frost bitten and die. Do you know that some people that have rabbit problems around their yard. For example vegetable gardens are rabbits favorite place to eat. So people purchase marigolds and plant marigolds around their garden because rabbits hate the smell and the bitter taste of the marigolds.