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Why Do I Have Brown Spots In My Lawn

The first of the year do you look forward to seeing your lawn green and all lush? Then all of the sudden you spot brown spots on your lawn. Do you question yourself maybe my dog caused it or if not then most likely it is the bugs?Yes I said bugs in your lawn the most common cause of brown spots are most likely not your dog as you might think. The brown spots you see on the lawn are grubs them white worm looking things destroy lawns every single year. The reason that grubs destroy lawns is that they feed on the roots of the grass then the grass dies because of no roots and eventually turns brown. Now to prevent this is to purchase something called grub ex by Scotts lawn seed brand most likely it is near the lawn mowers and weed eaters of your local garden center the price usually runs you about $20 to $35 but is well worth the price if you are looking for a green lawn all year around. Just sprinkle the grub ex material into the lawn one time a year in late spring to early summer.