Why Do Potted Plants Dry Up So Fast

Do you get up early in the morning and go outside and check on all your potted plants and see they need water? Then as you are about to call it a day do your potted plants look like day did in the morning? There is a reason behind this and no you did nothing wrong. The main reason your plants soil is drying up fast is that your plants are growing too big for the pot it is in now to check this is to move some of the soil on the surface about a inch down if you see roots that means your plant is root bound and you need to get it in the ground if it is a flower like a rose bush for example or a fruit plant like a cherry tree for example or a vegetable plant.If you have a indoor root bound plant like a bamboo plant for example you need to get a pot bigger than the plant is in now. To find the right pot is to find a bigger pot that the plant is in now and if it fits inside the bigger pot then that is what size of pot you need.